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The Block Print Story

The First Impression Collection embraces the traditional art of hand block printing. While it’s the earliest, simplest, and most time-consuming of all printing techniques, this centuries-old method produces designs of extraordinary quality that are captivating today. 

The true beauty of a block printed wallcovering is its handmade nature. Printing each pattern is a lengthy process, involving a high level of craftsmanship and teamwork. Artisans trace motifs onto seasoned wooden blocks, with a separate block for each color. A design is painstakingly hand chiseled into the block, which is typically no larger than 6.75” square. The finished block resembles a flat relief carving. Each block is dipped in a color pigment ink that is custom mixed in a small batch for the printing session. The careful placement of the blocks, along with the amount of pressure applied for each imprint, requires the eye and touch of a highly skilled artisan. The inked motif from the impression sits on the surface of the paper, creating a raised textural element only achieved by this distinctive method.

The result is a truly handcrafted wallcovering, a unique work of art that showcases the perfect imperfections of the artisan’s hand. No two rolls are the same. Each has a distinct and special quality that can never be attained by machine. 

We fell in love with this process, discovering that the juxtaposition of the traditional technique with our modern, organic style strikes a wonderful balance. The First Impression Collection is a nod to both the past and present — a confident, bold, and timeless statement.


Wood block used for hand painting/hand printing wallpaperHand printing/hand painting wallpaper with carved wooden blocks