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Installation Instructions

General Guidelines

This product should be installed by a professional paperhanger.

These wallcoverings are hand-printed and may have subtle shadings, print variations, and other irregularities that are inherent to the manufacturing process and desirable characteristics of this handcrafted item. 

Please refer to “Identifying Pattern Match” and the “Hanger Layout” for your specific pattern before attempting to trim and hang. These are included in the printed instructions shipped with your product.

These wallcoverings are not intended to create a seamless effect. Please refer to “Pattern/Seam Mismatch,” included with the printed instructions shipped with your product.


Inspect goods carefully. Confirm that you have the correct color and product before installing. If unacceptable, do not cut or hang. Instead, call us immediately to discuss your concerns. No returns will be considered for cut goods.

If no defect is evident before installation, the material should be inspected again after two-three strips are installed. If any defect is evident at this time, no additional material should be hung. Instead, call us immediately to discuss your concerns. In such cases, replacement will be considered and is limited to one double-roll for irregularities that could not be detected before installation.

No claims are allowed for labor charges, incidental, or consequential damages under any conditions. Our liability will not exceed the value of the products in question.

As a hand-printed product, variations in prints and color will occur. Grade carefully for color shading. Additional yardage from this dye-lot may not be available.


Walls should be mirror-smooth (level 4 or 5 finish), without imperfections or dust. Please see details for prepping walls below. We do not recommend installing over existing wallcoverings.

Wall should be room temperature (55˚F or warmer) for at least 12 hours prior to installation.

This wallcovering may allow some show through. Lining paper is not required for installation but recommended if walls have any markings. If using a liner, use a pulp or acid-free liner. Writing on walls to aid installation should only be done lightly with pencil, not with pen or marker.

Walls should be painted with a good quality primer, such as Sheildz Universal Wallcovering Primer by Zinsser. If there is bare drywall or a problem surface, a coating such as Gardz Problem Surface Sealer by Zinsser is recommend prior to priming. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED PRIMERS.



We recommend using a light-weight, clear, pre-mixed non-staining adhesive like Dynamite 234 Premium Grade Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Adhesive. DO NOT USE A CLAY-BASED ADHESIVE. Wheat and cellulose adhesives are not recommended.

Apply an even coat of adhesive over the entire back of each strip of wallcovering, using either a pasting machine or roller, and making sure the edges are adequately covered. Book the pasted sheet about 5 minutes before installing.

Do not allow paste to get on the face of the wallcovering. If any should get on the face, remove at once with a damp (not wet) sponge, and clean with a gentle flicking action rather than scrubbing. Blot with a soft cloth. Do not wipe. Do not allow paste to dry on face of wallcovering as permanent damage may occur. There may be some rub-off for dark colors.

Trimming & Hanging

Before trimming and hanging, refer to the sections “Identifying Pattern Match”, "Pattern/Seam Mismatch", and the “Hanger Layout” for your specific pattern  to aid in identifying the pattern match and trim areas. These are included with the printed instructions shipped with your product.

Wallcovering can be trimmed on the wall, allowing for double-cutting if desired. Always use a sharp new blade.

Use a soft brush or plastic smoother when hanging, so you do not damage the face of the wallcovering. Do not rub the face of the product with a stiff brush. USE CAUTION IF ROLLING SEAMS.


Do not crease the wallcovering.

Avoid direct or bright sunlight. This product is not guaranteed against fading or color change.