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Sheet Wallpaper Estimate

Getting an estimate from your installer is the BEST and most accurate way to determine how many sheets your space will need. But if you just want a ballpark estimate, use our calculator below.

A couple things to note:

• The estimator does not take into account openings like doors and windows. Doors and windows can affect the number of sheets needed;
• The estimator makes its approximation assuming that the sheets will be installed vertically (aka “portrait” style). A horizontal install might change the number of sheets needed;
• If you are installing on 2 or more walls that are adjacent to one another, add the width of those walls together and enter that sum as your “wall width” to get the best estimate of your needs."; if(!document.querySelector('script[src="'+e+'"]')&&"LOAD_PAYPAL"{ var a=document.createElement("script");a.src=e,a.async=!0,a.dataset={paypalCheckout:!0,noBridge:!0,state:"ppxo_meta",env:"production"},document.body.append(a) }if("CALCONIC_UPDATE_HEIGHT"{ var s=documenet.querySelector('iframe[src=""]'); if(s){}} }); })();