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Handpainted Wallpaper, Artisan Decor


Tools and paint for hand painting wallpaper sheets
Applying paint to paper to make handpainted wallpaper sheets
Creating patterns to make handpainted wallpaper

About Us

At Sarah & Ruby, our process is as important to us as the final product. We believe that the old-world ways of mindful making are relevant to the modern world. We study those artisan traditions and then reinterpret them, hand crafting simplified, modern designs with an organic twist that are the cornerstones of our aesthetic. We are hands on, painting every sheet of wallpaper individually in our California studios. This small-batch, made-to-order production model not only adds depth and character to a well-considered space, but also minimizes waste and fosters sustainable living. And while handmade is slow and meticulous, the results are wonderfully imperfect, tactile, and one-of-a-kind.


Sarah Schwartz

Sarah came to the design world in a round-about way, having a background in engineering and law. Explorations into embroidery, painting, and fabric dyeing made her realize that her true passion has always been for the decorative arts. She is fascinated by the details of how handmade goods are produced both in the past and present. With her work at Sarah & Ruby, she is constantly exploring traditional (and sometimes obscure) techniques, always seeking to make the traditional relevant to the modern, sophisticated eye.


Ruby Geisler

Ruby has a degree in fine art specializing in lithography and woodblock printmaking. She grew up painting, drawing, sculpting, and throwing pottery, and when a friend suggested that her artwork would be interesting on fabric, she accepted the challenge. Often inspired by outdoor coastal California living (and a good bit of wanderlust), Ruby has an imaginative vision and an eye for composition. Her artful explorations with inexact lines and love of handmade processes have steered Sarah & Ruby to its signature simple, bold, organic style.