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Handpainted Wallpaper, Artisan Decor

Sheet Wallpaper

Handpainted in California

Hand Painted Sheet Wallpaper

We hand paint each individual sheet of wallpaper in our California studios using a centuries-old artisanal paste paper technique. Historically, this method was used to create decorative end-papers for books. We’ve taken this traditional craft out of the book, transforming it into a modern treatment for your walls.

The process involves mixing high quality acrylic paint with non-toxic methyl-cellulose paste. The tinted paste is applied to luxurious 100% cotton artist paper and manipulated into organic patterns. The results have a stunning dimensional quality and a subtle sense of movement. But the real surprise is the TEXTURE – it has an almost fabric-like finish. The natural deckled edges are meant to overlap and show, emphasizing the artistic nuances of every one-of-a-kind sheet.

How To Order

Our hand-painted wallpaper is priced by the sheet. Each sheet is 22”x30” and made to order. Lead time will depend on the quantity ordered, but is typically 4 weeks. Minimum order is 10 sheets.

To start, order a sample and determine how many sheets are needed for your install. When you are ready to move ahead, contact us with the pattern, color, and quantity, and we’ll prepare an invoice to get the ball rolling.

Why Sheets

Centuries ago, before it was even possible to manufacture rolls of paper, wallpaper began as handcrafted single sheets, sometimes referred to as “dominos.” We embrace single-sheet wallpaper today because of its enormous flexibility. Layout variations abound – vertical layouts, horizontal layouts, straight drops, half drops, or third drops. You even have the option to mix and match colors and patterns. The potential for creating a unique install is endless.


Whether you are looking to match a shade, create a tonal effect with a variety of shades, or even make a pattern adjustment, we’d be happy to collaborate with you on a custom wallcovering. We proudly offer fast turnaround times and can get a bespoke design into your hands quickly. 

If you are a trade professional and have a custom project in mind, reach out to start a conversation or learn more.