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Our Team

Textile and wallpaper designers Ruby Geisler and Sarah Schwartz
Ruby and Sarah

Founders Sarah Schwartz and Ruby Geisler share a love of pattern and all things handmade. Years of surface design exploration has led them to seek out traditional artisan processes and the “perfect imperfections” that result. Sarah and Ruby combine their passion for artistic, handmade methods with inspiration from their natural environments (Sarah, in the Bay Area, and Ruby, in San Diego) to present a distinctly Californian point of view. Organically-formed, color-drenched motifs, quality materials, large scale proportions, and overall simplicity blend together to create a look that’s both statement-making and contemporary.

Sarah and Ruby met at a small textile design school in Berkeley, California, and launched their studio in 2012, initially producing custom, one-off wallpaper and fabric for interior designers using digital printing. Traditionally trained to produce everything from toiles to botanicals to ikats, the duo gradually developed their brand’s modern, exuberant style. They simultaneously realized that the depth and character of artisan made goods could rarely be reproduced by machine.  

While united in design, Sarah and Ruby have distinctly different backgrounds. Sarah started out in engineering and then intellectual property law. Explorations into embroidery, furniture painting, and fabric dyeing made her realize that her true passions have always been for the decorative arts. Ruby has a degree in fine art specializing in lithography and woodblock printmaking, and grew up painting, drawing, sculpting, and throwing pottery. She discovered textile design when a friend suggested that her prints would be interesting on fabric. While taking different approaches to pattern design — for example, Sarah approaches a design with the tenacious precision of an engineer, while Ruby sketches until inspiration strikes — both women find deep satisfaction in pattern creation and making things by hand. Their diverse experiences enhance and strengthen their partnership. 

Along with their block printed wallpaper line, handmade pillows, and original artwork, Sarah and Ruby often partner with other companies. Their designs have previously been featured on hundreds of fabrics, wallpapers, and soft goods for Guildery (now Minted Home). Currently, their artwork adorns handmade cement tile produced by Clé Tile in Sausalito, California. 

True to their natures, Sarah & Ruby are always experimenting with new artisan techniques, pushing the limits of those methods to achieve something new. Hand marbling, embroidery, chunky needlepoint, and ink painting are some of their latest obsessions.


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