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Our First Wallpaper Line is HERE!

Posted on 04 March 2015

We are thrilled to introduce our new block-printed wallpaper collection! It took a year and a half to develop, but we are so pleased with the end product. We’ve named this collection “First Impression,” not only because it’s our first, but also to pay homage to the centuries-old artisan technique of hand block printing by which it's made.

Our wallpaper is entirely handmade, from start to finish! To print each pattern, an artisan painstakingly carves the design into a wooden block, with a separate block for each color. The block is dipped in ink, and then carefully placed on the surface of the paper where the impression is made, over and over until the pattern is complete. The result is a unique work of art, celebrating the perfect imperfections of the artisan’s hand. Each roll has a distinct and special quality that could never be attained by machine.

Bold, organic, simultaneously modern yet traditional, these wallcoverings are suitable for a variety of interior design styles. When installed, the finish is absolutely stunning — it almost looks like the wall itself was carefully hand-painted.

The First Impression Collection is now on sale through our website. Trade discounts are available.

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